How to stay warm in bed on winter nights

When the winter months draw in, it is important to keep cosy and warm inside your house. In the evening time, you can light a fire and cosy up to a loved one. But how can you keep warm when you are actually in bed? It is important to have a good night's sleep in order to feel rested the next day so that you can be productive with whatever tasks you have to perform. If you hate the idea of lying in between your cold sheets in the winter months, take some of this advice to warm up.

Take a hot bath before bed. If you take a bath before bed, you will not only feel relaxed, but your body will be warmed up. The hot water will warm up your blood so that you feel toasty just before bed. You might also want to add a few drops of lavender oil to your bathwater to encourage a deep sleep.

Insulate your windows. You might experience a chill at night time if your windows are not well insulated. In order to keep the heat inside and the cold outside, make sure that you have thick curtains. It is even possible to purchase curtains made from a thermal material that is specially created to lock in heat and keep you feeling warm and comfortable when you want to sleep. If you have some drafts coming through your window, you might also consider purchasing a draft snake. These are inexpensive and will stop the cold outside air from reaching you.

Upgrade your duvet. The higher the tog of your duvet, the warmer it is going to be. If you have a low tog duvet, it might be time to upgrade to something warmer for winter time. Alternatively, you can buy a layered duvet so that you can add extra material in the winter and take off that material in the summer. It is a good idea to purchase a duvet with 10 togs or more for the winter months.

Buy an electric blanket. If you hate hitting cold sheets, one option is to warm them up with an electric blanket. The blanket will sit beneath your base sheet, and you can normally control the levels of this in-bed form of heating with a remote control.

Now that you know how to warm yourself up for a comfortable night of sleep, you can have sweet dreams every night. For more information about keeping your home warm, contact a company like Tas Energy Savers.