How To Choose The Right Awning

Is it your first time choosing an awning, but you don't know what needs to be considered in order to buy the right one? Selecting the right awning isn't difficult when you know what considerations need to be made. There is enough choice out there to accommodate every window on every building, no matter what the desired effect is. Here is a list of the more important factors when selecting an awning:


Firstly, the colour of your awnings should match the exterior décor of the building so that they don't stand out like a sore thumb. This is an especially important consideration if the awnings are to be placed on a commercial building where customers will judge the appearance. For example, if you own a coffee shop, and the exterior is not attractive because of ugly awnings, then you could lose customers.

The colour of the awnings also plays a role in determining the indoor temperature. For example, if white awnings that reflect light are used, then the indoor temperature will be closer to that of outside. Furthermore, if dark awnings that absorb heat from the sun rays are used, then ventilation might be required to reduce the inevitable build-up of heat underneath.


The importance of selecting style is about determining how much sunlight you want to penetrate the windows. If your windows face North or South, then you might need to have sides added to the awnings in order to get more protection. On the other hand, for East and West facing windows, a significantly smaller amount of protection is required.

Perhaps an awning that allows for flexibility is the best option. For example, retractable awnings are available that allow you to change the amount of sunlight that will enter through the window. These are handy if on a daily basis you want to change the amount of sunlight received.


The type of fabric you select will ultimately determine the quality of the awning.  There are advanced designs thanks to improved synthetic yarns that allow for laminate fabrics. The laminate fabric approach allows the awnings to have great strength, and additional features can be added such as extra protection from the sun, or strong winds.

Furthermore, you'll want the fabrics to be fire proof and water resistant. These qualities are especially important in a commercial setting. For example, if the awnings were leaking water onto customers underneath, then it could not do your business image any good. For more information, check out companies such as Premier Improvements.