3 Types of Residential Air Conditioning Systems

Choosing the right type of air conditioning system is important in ensuring that the home cooling needs are met. There are many manufacturers with quality products in the current market and since different homes have varying requirements, there is no universally perfect unit to purchase. However, with some considerations on the size of the living space, the budget and preference in terms of comfort, you will be able to identify which of these AC systems is right for your property.

Split AC System

With sufficient funds for your air conditioning project, the split system is a good choice because it is designed to cool the house without the need for extensive ductwork. It performs quietly and it creates the perfect environment in the living space without interfering with the décor.

Basically, the product comprises of two parts: the condenser and the evaporator and they are connected via refrigerant tubing. They work in tandem to provide for the residential cooling requirements and installation does not require extensive wall modification. The condensing unit is usually installed outside to get rid of warm air while the evaporator cools and distributes the fresh air.

Window and Wall Units

The window unit is convenient because it is compact and therefore, easy to install. The compressor, coils and condenser are all in a single box-like compartment and the unit is generally very portable. It is a convenient choice for cooling single rooms and most are designed such that they can easily be installed to fit casement windows. They are typically cheap to purchase and effortless to install since no wall modification is required.

The wall AC unit is similar in structure and function but it has to be installed in a slot in the wall. This means that professional assistance will be required because of the risk posed by pipes and wires when an opening is made. The main advantage of the wall over the window unit is the increased energy efficiency due to the type of installation.

Portable AC

When structural modification of the house is not a possibility, a portable AC system is the ideal choice. It is a single compartment that is placed on the floor usually near a window. There are two types of home portable AC: the single hose and dual hose. The former is suitable for very small living spaces and uses one hose to draw warm air out of the room while the dual hose has a second hose to cool the unit so as to prevent overheating.