3 Ideas to Cover Up Your Patio

If you have an open-style patio, getting it covered up can help you get more from your outdoor recreational space. By covering your patio, you can better control the environment by shielding yourself from the weather. Whether you're building or re-working your patio, the following ideas can help you decide how to go about it.

Low walls

Having low walls built around your patio is a moderate way to cover your patio without getting it enclosed fully. These types of patio walls can be built using pavers, stone or timber. If you still want to get maximum light you can use clear PVC or glass. A low wall ensures you still get plenty of fresh air but also adds some privacy to your patio. You can install low walls whether you have a roof above your patio or not.


Getting a roof for your patio is the most effective way to shield yourself from the sun. With a roof over your head, you can enjoy a cooler time in your patio. There are several ways on how you can go about this. You can install a traditional gable or a flat roof made of metal roofing. Alternatively, you can get a pergola style roof for your patio. This will let you still get some light from the roof. If you want a less permanent roofing structure, you can ask your builder to install sails or a reclining roof.

Patio enclosures

As opposed to low walls, patio enclosures let you cover up your patio walls completely. Patio enclosures can be permanent or temporary. They not only shield you from the sun, they also keep the wind and dust out. Patio enclosures are ideal if you want to give your patio a living room feel.

For a permanent enclosure, you can get timber and glass or just plain glass installed over your patio walls. You can also opt for a screen instead of glass. In addition to the above, you can also get removable enclosures made of vinyl or plastic. These can be rolled up when not in use and let down when you need the weather protection or privacy.

Your final decision on the patio cover to install should factor the amount of light and privacy you want to add. Patio builders like Lifestyle Patios can also help you envision how the look of you patio will change after the makeover. Remember that apart from function, you also want to retain a good-looking patio.