Designed Kitchens: 3 Eclectic Kitchen Design Themes for Fabulous Cooking Spaces

When it comes to décor, the kitchen is different from every other room in the house. There is a strong focus on function, relying on robust materials that can withstand extreme heat and moisture. But that doesn't means that the space doesn't have to look attractive. You can easily combine both form and function in an eclectic kitchen space that not only encompasses smooth operational features, but also looks utterly fantastic in the process. Here are some eclectic kitchen design themes for fabulous cooking spaces.

Traditional Kitchen Design Theme

Perhaps the most popular style of kitchen décor is the classic look hallmarked with wooden cabinets, stone benchtops and bronzed hardware. A traditional kitchen design theme lays emphasis on dark wooden tones with hardwood or tiled floors. Window treatments are usually outlined with subtle floral prints and fringe trims.

Lighting includes a decorative chandelier and task lights over the benchtops and cabinets. Homeowners can add their own twist to the traditional kitchen design theme by adding elements like painted cabinets, glass backsplashes and patterned flooring. While a traditional kitchen design incorporates dark wood and subtle neutral colours throughout, it is a timeless classic that complements the look of any home perfectly.

Cottage Kitchen Design Theme

A cottage kitchen design focuses on cosiness and comfort without losing the kitchen's functional operation. The key to mastering this look is by adding a mix of subtly humble materials. Cottage kitchens have an underlying white theme usually with white wooden cabinets mixed with bead-board wall panels.

Exposed brick or timber-finished kitchen splashbacks add an element of texture to the space. Many homeowners like to add some wicker furniture to give it a true cottage feel. For a casually comfortable look, the cottage kitchen design should feature open shelves and a centre island if possible. You can even add accessories like vintage lamps and wooden hardware to spruce up the look of your cottage kitchen design theme. This design is great for houses with large kitchen spaces.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Design Theme

Stainless steel kitchen designs are ultra sleek and modern, while giving the kitchen a trendily lavish look. This kitchen design is perfect for modern stainless steel fixtures and appliances available in the market today. A stainless steel kitchen design offers flat cabinet doors, sleek countertops and no window treatments.

Light fixtures are generally focused on one bright central light with task lighting throughout. To give the kitchen a warmer undertone, homeowners can consider adding splashes of colour to various elements of the décor. This design works perfectly for modern and trendy homes and apartments.

Homeowners can even mix and match between different kitchen design themes based on their personal preferences and style.