4 Ideal Decorative Window Shutters for Your Home

Non-functional decorative shutters can be used to improve the exterior aesthetics of residential buildings. These products are not operable but when they are installed properly, the appearance will be authentic. Decorative shutters are advantageous because they are inexpensive to purchase. The treatments do not require opening and closing mechanisms therefore the cost of fabrication is low. Moreover, these shutters are not prone to damage since they mounted in one permanent position.

If you are thinking about installing decorative window shutters in your home, here are the main kinds to consider.

Vinyl Shutters

Decorative vinyl shutters are manufactured using PVC plastic which is lightweight and durable. They are considerably cheap and the maintenance requirements are few. These features are water-resistant so they are not vulnerable to shrinkage, rotting or mould growth. In addition, they are structurally resilient therefore they can resist warping, chipping and easy breakage.

Vinyl shutters are ideal for decorative use because they can be designed to mimic other materials such as wood. There are diverse style options such as classic panel, raised panel and arched shutters. You can also choose a conventional design with louvers but remember that these are permanently fixed.

Fibreglass Shutters

Fibreglass shutters are relatively expensive compared to other types of decorative window shutters. However, they have a very prolonged lifespan and are virtually maintenance-free. This material can give the exterior design of your home a luxurious look if you choose the right style to augment the existing look. You can choose practically any colour for your shutters for a custom or conventional look. Additionally, there are different structural styles including board and batten, and fixed louver shutters.

Aluminium Shutters

Decorative aluminium shutters are suitable for your home if the local area experiences inclement weather. The metal is durable, strong and resistant to rust so it can withstand storms and even hurricanes. Generally, the shutters are attached permanently on the house since they are not operable. This means that there are no structural weak points for intruders or even harsh wind to exploit. Most of the decorative aluminium shutters are available in louvered styles. If you want alternative styles like batten and board, the cost of purchase will be considerably higher.

Cedar Shutter

The popularity of decorative cedar shutters can be attributed to the natural wooden appeal. The material is not vulnerable to attacks by termites because it contains intrinsic repellents. Moreover, cedar has lots of natural oils which prevent decay. You can order personalised cedar shutters because the material can be built in any style.

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