Different Types of Carpet Cleaning and Their Advantages

When your carpet seems a bit dull and dingy, you don't want to put off getting it cleaned. This is because a dull and dirty carpet is not only unsightly, but it may also be harboring a large amount of allergens, pet hair and dander, human hair and dead skin cells, and a host of other bothersome debris that should be removed from your home. Cleaning your carpet can then not only make your home look better but it can also mean a healthier environment for you as well.

There are different types of carpet cleaning you might consider from a place like Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning, from a basic steam clean to a full shampooing and other choices. Note a few factors about each of these choices so you can make up your mind about which would be best for your home.

1. Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning means just that; steam or very hot water is passed over the carpet and then pulled up. This often means no actual shampoo or detergent added to the water. This is a very simple way of getting up surface dirt and dirt that is ground into the carpet, as the steam will help to open up the fibres and loosen the dirt. Steam is a good choice if you're sensitive to detergents and their scents or chemicals, and this is often the cheapest choice for cleaning. However, steam is limited as to the amount of dirt it can remove and it may not get up all the debris and allergens in your carpet. 

2. Shampooing

Shampooing is more involved when it comes to carpet cleaning and is often best left to professionals. This is because the type and amount of detergent added to water should be based on the level of dirt in the carpet, the carpet fibres, the condition of the carpet, and so on. A professional can note if the carpet needs a very gentle detergent so that it doesn't dry older fibres, or if a stronger detergent is needed to get to the bottom of thick fibres and heavy dirt. Shampooing may be done with a circular brush that helps to pick up dirt and restore the original nap of fibres.

3. Dry cleaning

In this method of cleaning, the carpet is saturated with a cleanser, usually in foam form, and once this is absorbed, it is vacuumed up. The foam will take up the dirt with it. This is a good choice for those who are sensitive to shampoos and detergents, and for larger carpets that may otherwise take days to dry. It's also good for delicate carpets that may be damaged by large amounts of water and different types of shampoo.