Kitchens for Large Families: Five Essential Kitchen Renovation Tips

If you have a large family, you should keep their needs and demands in mind as you renovate your kitchen. Keep in mind that the stylish and functional elements that may work for a couple or a small family may not work for you. When designing a kitchen that works for large families, here are some tips you should keep in mind.

1. Opt for dense seating options

Breakfast bars have become a popular part of many kitchen renovations, and if you have room, you can add a breakfast bar that seats all of your kids with room for guests. However, unless you have a super large kitchen, that is usually not possible, and instead, you need to focus on more dense seating options.

A booth, for example, can often fit more people into a space than a breakfast bar can.

2. Locate the microwave strategically

Another trend in kitchen design is locating the microwave above the stovetop. Although this looks great, it is not ideal if you are a busy parent who needs your kids to be able to heat up their own snacks and meals occasionally.

Locate your microwave somewhere it can be easily reached by kids of all ages.

3. Don't forget the splashbacks

Splashbacks are tile, metal, plastic or glass sheets that attach to the wall behind your stove top and over your countertops. Designed to make cleaning easier and more efficient, splashbacks are easier to clean than painted walls, and they are an essential in a busy kitchen.

4. Think carefully about your triangle

When you renovate a kitchen, there is one area you need to pay special attention to, and that is your work triangle. The points of your work triangle are your sink, your stovetop and your refrigerator. These are the three areas you access the most when you cook.

If these points are too close together, you will trip over your kids as you cook, but if these points are too far apart, you will get exhausted as you run from place to place. Work with your kitchen renovator such as Cymbal Kitchen & Joinery to create the perfect triangle.

5. Make use of storage all the way to the ceiling

If you have a large family, you likely need to store lots of pantry items as well as lots of cups, plates and other essentials. So that you have room to put everything away and keep your kitchen as tidy as possible, make use of storage space all the way to the ceiling.