Why Choose a Fiberglass Pool Versus Concrete or Cement?

Before you choose a new pool for your property, you want to ensure that you choose the right material. No matter the type of pool you choose, it will need some maintenance over the years and some materials are more durable and will need less maintenance than others. You also want to ensure that the pool is comfortable for everyone while it's in use. A fiberglass pool is often a popular choice and for many good reasons. Note a few of those reasons here so you can see why fiberglass may be the right choice for your home versus a concrete or cement pool.

1. Comfort

If you've ever scraped your knees on the side of a concrete swimming pool or felt how rough it was under your feet, you understand why fiberglass is such a good choice. The material is smooth and comfortable under your feet and against your skin when you get in and out of the pool. You won't scrape your skin or feel any discomfort when you walk on a fiberglass pool. This is especially important for when you have children who may want to constantly climb in and out of the pool side and who may not be careful about getting scraped knees and skin.

2. Quick installation

When you choose a concrete pool, you need to have the pit dug and then the concrete mixed and poured. It then takes days to dry, if not even more. This can mean a full week or more before you can enjoy your pool. When you choose a fiberglass pool, the pool itself is already built and made and ready for sale, and you simply need to have it installed and filled with water. You can actually be enjoying your pool within days of purchase, if not even the next day.

3. Durability

Concrete or cement may seem very durable and it does stand up under many different conditions, but it's not always as strong as many people think. Moisture from soil puts pressure on concrete and in turn, it can crack and leak. Shifting in the ground can also cause it to crack and leak. Concrete or cement pools need sealing and repairs over the years, whereas fiberglass is very durable and holds up against weight and moisture. You may find that you have far fewer repairs with fiberglass pools than with concrete, making it a more cost-effective option over the years.