4 Steps to Clean Non-Fabric Vertical Blinds

Cleaning different parts of your home can be aggravating, but it is necessary to keep things spic and span. If you've put off the maintenance of your vertical blinds for a while, it's time to hop on the cleaning bandwagon to maintain the spotless appearance of the different rooms in your home. Here are some steps to help you in your quest to clean non-fabric vertical blinds.

Assemble Your Blind Cleaning Supplies

You will need a vacuum cleaner equipped with a brush attachment, a cloth duster, a dry sponge, an all-purpose spray cleaner and a lint-free cloth for this cleaning task. You can find an all-purpose spray cleaner at a retail supermarket or home improvement store, while you're likely to have every other supply in your home. You can use these steps to clean non-fabric vertical blinds made from wood, aluminium and vinyl vertical blinds.

Vacuum The Surface Of Your Blinds

It's easiest to clean your vertical blinds while they still hang on the bracket. Start by using the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to lightly eliminate loose debris and dirt from the surface. A brush attachment utilises less suction, so it is less likely to damage your blinds. Start by vacuuming the top of your vertical blinds and move downward. If you vacuum upwards, you risk unhooking the slats from their attachments.

Dust The Blinds Before Applying All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

Use a cloth duster to remove any residual dirt on the surface of your blinds. Once you've removed the loose dirt, dampen a lint-free cloth with the all-purpose cleaning spray and spot clean any stubborn dirt that refuses to come undone during vacuuming and dusting. Avoid spraying the all-purpose cleaner directly on the surface of the blinds because it may cause preventable fading and damage.

Rinse And Dry Your Vertical Blinds Before Reuse

Rinse the cloth with water and wipe down the blind surface to ensure that the cleaning spray residue doesn't linger on and damage the material of your vertical blinds. Once you're done, use the dry sponge to wipe the area and wait for your blinds to dry completely before operating them once again. Depending on the ventilation in your room, the material of your blinds and the external weather conditions, the drying process may take a few minutes or a few hours.

These cleaning steps are meant for cleaning non-fabric vertical blinds. If you have fabric blinds, then you will need to use a different cleaning process. If you have any questions about maintaining your blinds, consider contacting a local blinds supplier to discuss your concerns.