Holding a celebration for your overseas wedding

If you have elected to have an overseas wedding and not invite friends and family, you might want to have a catch-up when you get back. In some ways, it's a lot easier to have a post-wedding party with family and friends, as much of the weight of expectations and traditions have been lifted by getting the wedding done and you can instead concentrate on throwing a great party!

Make sure the invitations send the message

If you are wanting to hold a casual catch up after your wedding, you can choose to send an email or post an invite on social media to your party. However, if you want your post-wedding party to be an organised event, you can send out invites and make sure the invite has clues like a dress code so that people know how formal the event will be. As post-wedding parties are only becoming popular in recent years as destination weddings become more common, they can be a confusing party for guests who are often unsure of etiquette surrounding the events. 

Show the wedding pictures on a projector

No doubt you have some great shots of your wedding and you'll be asked all night to show them. Have a projector running in the background showing your photos on a large screen. Then everyone can spend as much or little time as they like looking at them and you can spend time talking to everyone about other things instead and enjoying the party. If you don't own a projector and screen, you can hire these from a party hire store. 

Make it fun

Just because you headed overseas to avoid the fuss of a large wedding is no reason to throw out all the traditions. It can be fun to have a slightly cheesy music track to get everyone out on the dance floor and dancing. You can also hire fun items such as a photo booth to get some shots of your friends and family enjoying spending some time with you, as well as a karaoke machine or jukebox. 

Having a party after your wedding can be a great way to celebrate your recent wedding with friends and family. Be sure to put some thought into what parts of the traditional wedding receptions you want to integrate into this party and which part/s of the traditional wedding receptions you wish to leave out. That way you will get a celebration that is perfectly suited to you as a couple.