How to Make Your Warehouse More Secure

If you own or manage a warehouse, you know the risk of not having enough security. Not only are your employees at risk, but the majority of your inventory and equipment is likely in the warehouse, which means you could be spending a lot in replacements if someone breaks in after hours and steals items. Here are some ways to make your warehouse more secure.

Increase Your Surveillance 

You need to be able to track the entire warehouse at all times, which requires using multiple forms of surveillance and security systems. To start with, make sure you have an alarm system that will go off if someone breaks the lock on the door or window and gets into the warehouse. You may also want to have a motion sensor installed, alerting you to someone outside of the warehouse after hours. Video surveillance is also important, which can be placed in certain areas inside and outside the warehouse. It is also a good idea to have employees keeping an eye on the property for any suspicious people or activities.

Install a New Locking System

With the doors of the warehouse, it is a good idea to get a high-security lock. There are different options available, from using a high-security padlock to getting an electronic access system installed. If you want to use a padlock, you can consult a local locksmith for recommendations and to have it installed. Another option is to use an electronic access system. Some of these require scanning a key card that can be given to each employee, while others have the employees enter a unique pin number.

The number entry systems are convenient and allow people to access the warehouse without needing a key or key card, plus it can re-programmed with a new access code periodically. The key card systems are also ideal, since you can monitor who is accessing the warehouse and at what times. You will know if there is a suspicious worker who is accessing it after hours and on days when items seem to go missing.

Get a Security Guard

If you have a lot of high-end merchandise or valuable products in the warehouse, you may want to take it one step further by hiring a security guard for evening sand weekends. They will roam the grounds and keep an eye on the exterior of the building, looking for signs of cars or people that should not be there. They are going to help keep the building secure and warn you if they see anything worrisome.