Show off Your Inner Geek with a Bespoke Media Cabinet

If you're a big kid at heart, you might be wondering how you can incorporate your interests into your living space without worrying about what guests will think. A bespoke media cabinet is a great way to showcase some of your more eccentric possessions, like collectibles, toys, games and film books, while keeping your electronics neatly organised and ready for use.

Fit multiple games consoles

There's nothing sadder than an unused games console gathering dust at the back of a cupboard. Since you don't want a pile of consoles cluttering up your floor, a bespoke media cabinet allows you to give each one its own special home. If you've got some rarities in your collection, you could even show them off with backlit areas which will look great while gaming in the dark. Measure up each of your consoles, and their controllers, and your cabinet makers should be able to advise you on the best arrangement for the media cabinet. Keep future purchases in mind too — you might want to add an extra space for that new toy you're planning to treat yourself to!

Display collectibles

Whether it's figurines, replica film props or customised construction toys, we've all got that one special collection that's tricky to display. Take a good look at everything you own, and decide which items you really want on show. Less can sometimes be more, but don't force yourself to leave out anything you love. Once you've picked your favourites, arrange them on a table to work out the optimum spacing. You should also consider the height at which you'd like your collection displayed — smaller items will be better at eye-level, where all of their details can be fully appreciated. Take a few pictures of your final arrangement to give to your cabinet maker, who will then be able to craft the perfect display area.

Organise film and game books

Bulky film and game books often won't fit on normal bookshelves due to their size. With a bespoke cabinet, you'll be able to create shelves that are wide and deep enough to accommodate all of your books. You could create different sections and organise your library by theme, colour or size. Play around and see what you like best. If there are any books you don't want on display, then drawers and cupboards can be included for out-of-sight storage. These can also be handy for storing extra cables, games and controllers.

A cabinet with custom made shelves, cupboards and drawers will fit all of your possessions perfectly and keep your home looking well-kept without stopping your personality from shining through. Most cabinets will feature a large centre area for a TV screen — perfect for the living room. Say goodbye to messy shelves reminiscent of a teenage boy's bedroom and hello to a classy new media cabinet.