Guide for Choosing Teak Furniture for Your Pool Lounge

By now, several homeowners are well-aware that teak is one of the most durable woods available for outdoor furniture construction. Better still, the natural tone of teak's buttery gold colour looks subtle, but it adds visual depth and creates thematic unity in most outdoor environments. However, a majority of them still experience problems integrating the right teak furniture into their outdoor spaces. If you are contemplating furnishing your pool lounge with teak furniture, here are a few things you should have at the top of your mind.


When choosing furniture for your poolside, nothing should matter more than comfort. Remember that your pool lounge is where you'll spend the most part of the hot weather days relaxing. Therefore, making sure that furniture used is comfy is key to the enjoyment of the activities that will take place there. Pool chairs that come with soft, high-quality cushions can help prevent neck pain and lower back pain associated with reclining on a typical poolside lounge chair.


Mobility is key when you are choosing any piece of outdoor furniture. Large furniture items can be labour-demanding to move when it is time to change the layout of your space. Whether you are buying lounge chairs, tables or any other type of furniture, make sure they aren't too heavy that they would require a lot of manpower to reposition as the sun changes its direction. If you are going to opt for heavy furniture items, consider getting those that come with wheels. With wheels, you simply use a little bit of muscle to push the furniture to the desired location.


Teak is popular for its strength and durability, but just like any other woods, it is susceptible to water damage. As furniture used in pool lounges is usually subjected to wet conditions, it is important that you choose teak products with water-resistant finishes, like teak oil finishes: Stay away from bare teak whose dense pores can easily absorb water in water-based environments. Keep in mind that the finishes will need proper maintenance and timely replacement. This way, when someone takes a dive into the pool and splashes water on the surface of your woods, the water can drip quickly.

Keep in mind that you are not at all limited to selecting strictly from ready-made pieces of teak pool lounge furniture: you can ask a furniture maker to tailor products just for you.