Choosing Shade Sail Colors that Create a Cool Environment

One of the major concerns that you may have when purchasing shade sails for commercial use is the choice of color, especially during the hot season. The wrong colors that absorb and disperse radiation can make the space underneath the shade sails hot and uncomfortable. The choice of color comes down to deciding between bright and dark colors. Which are the best colors for a cooler underneath?  Dark vs. bright shades Read More 

What to Look For When Choosing Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are becoming a very popular option for kitchens today, as glass is naturally resistant to bacteria and germs, and it works well with a variety of styles and colors. Glass is also easy to recycle, so it makes for a very eco-friendly choice. When you are ready to shop for glass splashbacks, it's good to note a few things to look for other than its overall appearance. This can ensure that you get the right type for your home and will be happy with your splashback for years to come. Read More 

How to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer and Lower Your Energy Bill

Australia is getting hotter. In fact, according to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), if nothing is done to lower greenhouse emissions, temperatures could rise by as much as 5.1 degrees by 2090. 2016 has already seen record temperatures in Autumn due to El Nino weather patterns. Australia could be in for another sweltering summer.  This means keeping your home cool should be your priority this summer. However, heating and cooling accounts for up to 40% of a home's energy consumption annually, and with the costs of electricity also spiraling along with temperatures, up 70% between2007 and 2012, it's important you seek cost effective measures to keep your household cool this summer. Read More 

Home Builders | 3 Vital Considerations When Building Your Granny Flat

If you own a large piece of land with your home on one end, then building a granny flat may be a good opportunity to earn additional income from rent. A granny flat is typically described as self-contained accommodation that is part of a main house. Granny flats mostly have separate entrances to ensure privacy for the owners and tenants. This guide equips you with vital considerations when building a granny flat. Read More 

A Guide To Mowing Perfect Stripes

Lawn stripes not only look smart, they can also be used to cover up imperfections in your grass such as variances in colour and growth.  The different bands created by lawn stripes help to break up the appearance of the surface of the lawn, effectively distracting the onlooker's eye from anomalies. Here's a guide on how to create lawn stripes. The right equipment The best types of lawn mower for creating stripes are cylinder and rotary mowers with rear rollers. Read More