Holding a celebration for your overseas wedding

If you have elected to have an overseas wedding and not invite friends and family, you might want to have a catch-up when you get back. In some ways, it's a lot easier to have a post-wedding party with family and friends, as much of the weight of expectations and traditions have been lifted by getting the wedding done and you can instead concentrate on throwing a great party! Make sure the invitations send the message Read More 

Tips to Eliminating Roaches from Your Residence

There is nothing worse than finding out that you have a cockroach infestation in your home. These pests have been around for millions of years and this is largely due to how they are adept at surviving with the least possible nourishment available. In addition to this, they are masters at hiding and thus you may find it very difficult to locate where their nest is. An infestation would inevitably lead to unsanitary conditions in your home. Read More 

Want to Consider In-Floor Heating? What You Need to Know

Have you ever thought of waking up on a cold morning during winter, stepping out of bed, and the moment you set foot on your floor, you get a warm feeling beneath your feet? This can be a dream come true with an in-floor heating system. These systems have become common because they are efficient, even and comfortable. However, there are some things that come into play when you have it into consideration. Read More 

Care Tips For Antique Persian Rugs

Genuine, antique Persian rugs require special care and maintenance if they are to retain their beauty and financial value.  Here are some tips on how to care for your antique Persian rug that will allow you to continue using it for many years to come. Carpet pads Carpet pads can help to give your rug some protection from fading and the general wear and tear it will be exposed to if it is in daily use. Read More 

Luxury additions for homes on small blocks

If you want a home with all the luxury trimmings, but only have a small block, it might be time to get creative. Here are some ways to save space while having all of necessary features. Underground car parking By putting some of your car parking underground you can save some much needed space to use as living area. It's also a great way to keep your cars off the street and undercover, out of harms way, which can be ideal if you have a collection of luxury vehicles that may attract attention. Read More