Basic Primer to Choosing Bathroom Supplies

The trickiest part about doing a bathroom remodel is deciding what needs to remain and what has to go. This decision is most often influenced by the need for better functionality or increased aesthetics. Once you are done making that difficult decision, you will need to carefully establish the supplies that will be required for the makeover project. What you plan to achieve when embarking on a bathroom renovation project will ultimately influence your choice of bathroom supplies for the project. Read More 

Extinguishing a Grease Fire: The Proper Methods

If you were to rank the most dangerous house fires in terms of their difficulty to put out, grease fires would top almost every single list. Not only are they easily created when frying or cooking with oil, but the number one extinguishing tool everyone associates with fires cannot be used; it will only make the damage worse. That's right, water can't be used on a grease fire. So, you may ask, if not water, what is the best way to stop a grease fire? Read More 

How to Create a Venetian Plaster Backsplash

If you want to create a stunning, yet different look to your kitchen renovation project, you might want to consider creating a backsplash from Venetian plaster. Venetian plaster offers a versatile, inexpensive, and easy to apply option that adds colour and texture to your walls with minimal fuss. You could choose a matte finish for a rustic look, or buff-up the material as it dries to achieve a high, satin sheen for a more sophisticated vibe. Read More 

How to Get the Best From Your Cypress Weatherboards

Weatherboards refer to thin sheets used to cover the walls of a building. These sheets are usually made from different materials such as timber (cypress weatherboards, for example). This article discusses some tips that you should implement in order to get the best performance from your timber weatherboards. Use Light Coloured Paint Dark-coloured paint (such as black) absorbs a lot of heat during hot months. This heat makes the cypress weatherboards to lose a lot of moisture. Read More 

Why Choose a Fiberglass Pool Versus Concrete or Cement?

Before you choose a new pool for your property, you want to ensure that you choose the right material. No matter the type of pool you choose, it will need some maintenance over the years and some materials are more durable and will need less maintenance than others. You also want to ensure that the pool is comfortable for everyone while it's in use. A fiberglass pool is often a popular choice and for many good reasons. Read More