DIY Bifold Doors

Whether you are remodeling your current home or building your dream home from the ground up, adding a few bifold doors will help you maximize your living space, while giving your home a modern, yet tasteful, feel. Bifold doors can be custom made to fit your style preferences and structural needs. The doors can be made from almost any material including metal, composite materials and timber. Bifold doors are also a great option for closets or other interior doors because they require half the space of traditional doors.

Ready, set, go!

Installing bifold doors can be done in a snap and is a great weekend warrior project. Most manufactured bilfold doors come with all of the hardware you will need to do the job, but if you are making a bifold door out of two standard doors you will need to make sure that you purchase: clamps, wood glue, mounting hardware, and several piano hinges with screws. You will need to provide the tools which will include: a drill with a centering bit, and a bit extender to fit into tight spaces, a hacksaw, and a measuring tape.

Measure and Trim

Measure the height and width of the door frame where the bifold door will be installed. Take the final measurement and divide it by two. This number is the width of the two doors you will need. An example would be that if your total measurement is 48 inches, you will need to door panels that are each 24 inches across. Your bifold doors will need to be up to 2 inches shorter than the total height of the door frame to allow for installation of the track that the door will hang off of.

Joining the panels

If your bifold door is pre-made and ready to go, you will not need to do anything other then install the hinges per the manufacturer's directions. However, if you are creating a bifold door from two panels you will need to trim the inner edge of one of the panels by 1/8 of an inch and install two or three piano hinges. How many hinges you install depends entirely on your personal preference. After trimming the door align the hinges so that they are flush with the inner edge of the door. Secure them with the screws that accompanied your piano hinges. At this point the bifold door is ready to be hung.

Install the track or mounting hardware

Depending on the type of bifold door you install you will need either a track mounting system or a wall-mounted system. Some bifold doors hang on regular hinges like any standard door. Others, such as timber bifold doors which are extremely heavy, require a mounting track to be installed. Install a mounting track by measuring the width of the door jam and cutting the track with a hack saw to fit the space. You will need to use your bit extender to install the screws per the manufacturer's instructions. Once the mounting hardware has been installed, you simply slide the top of the bifold doors into the track.

Installing timber bifold doors, composite bifold doors, or bifold doors of any type is a fairly straightforward process, the most important step is making sure your measurements are correct before you begin. Even a small deviation in measurement will cause your doors to malfunction.

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