Sliding Doors: The Advantages And What To Know Before You Install

Adding sliding doors can connect your living room to the outside, bring in wonderful bright light and add an open feeling to an otherwise closed off space. Sliding doors also add a wonderful modern look to older homes. For convenience, you can cut a sliding door into a wall to allow two rooms to be joined or to extend a hallway. However, installing sliding doors should only be completed by a professional.  As you'll read below, professionals can prevent structural damage and ensure an energy efficient installation. This article talks about the advantages of sliding doors and why you should hire a professional to handle installation.

The Advantages Of Installing New Exterior and Interior Sliding Doors

Installing new sliding doors to a wall or in place of a window can add several benefits to a room. With new sliding doors installed you can overlook the garden from your living room while you are reading a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon or provide a new open breezeway for air to pass through openly from one end of your home to another. You can also install sliding doors as an extension of a hallway or to join two rooms which can give your home a more open look. Sliding doors can be added to an existing cutout like a window or door or to almost any wall in your home.

Sliding doors are extremely popular in new modern homes with almost all new homes including at least one sliding door.

Why a professional is the Best option for Your Next Sliding Door Installation

While it may seem as easy as cutting out a hole and adding your new sliding doors, it is much more complex than that. Sliding door installers know that you must consider which walls are load bearing, and where electrical sockets, water and other in-wall Plumbing is located. Cutting into a wall without knowing what is behind it and what the wall supports could cost you thousands in unnecessary repairs. Improperly installed sliding doors can cause cracks in the walls, damage to electrical and plumbing and sagging of your exterior supports and the roof if your doors are installed without proper shimming and support. Further, doors that are not installed to code specifications may stop a future sale of your home if code violations are noticed by a home inspector. And when it comes to your monthly energy bill a pro can help make sure those new sliding doors are sealed and never allow cool air or heat to leak through. When you are ready to install sliding doors make sure you hire a qualified professional who is licensed in home renovation and general construction.

If you would like to enlarge a window area, provide a new path for evening breezes from the front of your house all the way through to the back or simply need to add a new entrance to a room, sliding doors (like some from Harvest Timber Product) may be the perfect option.