Bored with your Bedroom? Add a Fresh Spin to the Room with 3 Novel Curtain Ideas

Debunking perception, curtains do much more than control the level of light in a room. They express a key decorative layer to make a visual impact on the overall room almost instantly. The type of curtains you choose conveys a precise impression, personality or mood. Curtains are especially valuable to bedrooms because of their soft and delicate warmth inviting relaxation. And because they have multiple purposes that go beyond mere lighting, you can add a fresh spin to your bedroom with these novel curtain ideas.

Turn Curtains into the Bedroom Spotlight

Adding full-length curtains to disguise a window is an excellent way to turn them into the decorative anchor that brings every element of the bedroom together. To make a visual statement by turning curtains into the bedroom spotlight, you will need to choose cheerful textures and colourful patterns for the most impact.

For example, paisley curtains with red hues look fantastic against cream coloured walls to infuse dramatic visual appeal to the bedroom, while controlling the amount of sunlight that enters the room perfectly.

Infuse the Illusion of Space Through Curtains

By lengthening and widening the curtain rod to extend beyond the actual window, you are creating an impression of bigger windows and taller ceilings and thus infusing the illusion of space impeccably into the bedroom. If you have two windows next to each other, don't use two separate curtains if you want the space to look larger. Instead, use one large curtain along both windows to widen the space. Separate curtains chop up the space to make the bedroom appear contracted.

Full-length sheer or neutral coloured lightweight curtains are great for introducing space to rooms. Vertical striped and muted patterns on lightweight fabrics create the impression of height and width to the room. Avoid dark colours, large floral prints and horizontal patterns as they tend to dominate the room and make it feel less spacious.

Hide Bedroom Imperfections Flawlessly with Curtains

Got a few cracks in the walls that you want to hide? Perhaps you have open shelves that you would much rather have concealed? Curtains are the quickest and easiest solution for covering up messes and giving the impression of a neatly planned room. With one single element, you can transform your bedroom into a spotless haven.

If you're looking to conceal imperfections, consider heavier fabric curtains that don't blow easily with the wind. You may want to choose discrete patterns and colours to help curtains blend in with their surrounding walls – in this particular instance, you don't want to draw the eye towards a curtain that's hiding bedroom flaws.

Curtains extend beyond mere functionality to transform the look of your bedroom almost instantly. Exploit these awesome curtain ideas and learn more about your options by contacting companies like Miraje Home Decor & Soft Furnishings.