Bathroom Renovations | 3 Nifty Tips For Installing the Ideal Toilet Seat In Your Bathroom

When it comes to choosing toilet seats during bathroom renovations, you'll want to choose something that meets the needs of your entire family. Functionality, height, size, style, colour and design will all play a role when it comes to installing an ideal toilet seat during your bathroom remodelling project. Toilet seats are usually made from vitreous china, so they are resistant to water and durable. Here are some tips to help you install the ideal toilet seat from a company like Summit Bathrooms in your bathroom.

Decide Whether You Want a One or Two-Piece Toilet Seat Style

You must consider the style you want to achieve for your toilet seat before deciding between a one and two-piece model. A one-piece toilet comes with an integrated bowl and tank seamlessly moulded together for a streamlined finish. A two-piece toilet comes with a separate wall-hanging tank that rests on the toilet bowl. The two-piece toilet seat is typically more affordable than a one-piece toilet seat. But wall-mounted one-piece toilets are easier to clean and look more luxurious in bathrooms with their seamless appearance. These are ideal for people looking to create a modern and luxurious bathroom feel without worrying about cost. Two-piece toilet seats are better suited to those that prefer the traditional look or in bathrooms where the walls are not strong enough to hold a wall-mounted toilet seat. You can choose between these styles depending on the look you want to achieve for your bathroom.

Choose a Size That's Comfortable For Everyone

During bathroom renovations, you'll want to choose toilet sizes that are comfortable for everyone in your family. For example, elongated toilets that are a few inches deeper and higher than standard sizes are more comfortable for taller and sturdier-built people. Elevated height toilets are also better suited for people that struggle with sitting and standing –– this feature comes in handy if you have older people living in your house.

Pick Dual Lever Flushes With Strong Flushing Power

Conserving water is not only prudent, but it is also necessary with water scarcity plaguing several parts of Australia. You'll want to choose dual lever flushes with a small lever for flushing liquids and a large level for flushing solid waste. Make sure you choose flushes with strong water pressure. Modern flush designs compress air in a chamber by utilising water pressure. The compressed air thrusts out water during flushing at higher velocities for better performance. This mechanism not only makes your flushing job far more efficient, but you won't need to use too much water to flush out waste.

Use these nifty tips to select the ideal toilet seat during your bathroom renovations.