Care Tips For Antique Persian Rugs

Genuine, antique Persian rugs require special care and maintenance if they are to retain their beauty and financial value.  Here are some tips on how to care for your antique Persian rug that will allow you to continue using it for many years to come.

Carpet pads

Carpet pads can help to give your rug some protection from fading and the general wear and tear it will be exposed to if it is in daily use.  You can obtain a suitable carpet from good DIY stores or from an antique rug repair specialist.


If your antique Persian rug is particularly delicate, just use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaning, rather than running the whole machine over the rug.  Never vacuum the fringes as this can cause them to fray.  Just smooth and untangle the fringes by hand, and lay them flat using a soft brush.

Spills and stains

If something is spilt on your rug, it's important that you clean it up as quickly as you can to avoid staining.  Blot up spills using a clean, dry cloth or paper towel, and then wash the area carefully using soda water.  Blot the rug dry, and don't be tempted to scrub at a stain, as this will simply drive it deeper into the rug.  Persistent stains should be tackled by a specialist antique rug cleaning company.

Repairs and insect damage prevention

Delicate antique rugs can be damaged by continual foot traffic, and you should always have your rug repaired by a specialist before the damage becomes widespread.

A major cause of damage to antique rugs is carpet moth larvae that eat the rug's woollen or silk fibres, leaving behind large threadbare areas on the rug's surface.  If you spot signs of insect damage, take your rug to a specialist for deep-cleaning and repair.  The may also be able to provide you with a suitable protective spray for use in your home.

Move your rugs around regularly

It's very important that you move your antique rugs regularly.  This helps to even-out wear and tear due to foot traffic and fading.

Keep your rugs dry

Antique rugs can be severely damaged if they become wet.  Make sure that you position your rugs well away from pipes that could leak, and never put an antique rug in your bathroom.  In the event that your rug gets wet, try to dry it out as quickly as possible using a fan or hairdryer.

In conclusion

With correct care, your antique Persian rug could last you for a lifetime.  Always take your rug to a specialist for deep-cleaning, re-fringing, and other repairs.